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20 July 2017
Christian Life
Matthew 4:1 –11 Perhaps one of the most overlooked problems of life is the presence of sinister forces that continually oppose everything that human beings can do to make life happy and sacred. So –beyond the disturbances that come to us from the ...
20 July 2017
Christian Life
Heredity Romans 5:12 –21   Every baby starts the journey of life with some physical qualities that are inherited from each parent. In the field of human development this is called heredity. The Bible also speaks of heredity. But it tell...
29 May 2017
Christian Life
In Him we live and move and have our being... Acts 17:16-28 We’ve talked about the problem of self. The self is our internal environment where thoughts, the sense of identity, and spiritual desires take place. Self is who we are. And the self c...

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